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SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
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EIGHTH CHALLENGE OF THE MILLENNIUM? – PART 2. “Exhalation” of Black Holes as Transition from Light Matter into Conditions of Non-Participation of Dark Matter (On the new philosophical categories of participation and non-participation)

Асадуллаев Искандар Курбанович

доктор философских наук


734064, Таджикистан, г. Душанбе, ул. Нусратулло Махсум, 73/2, кв. 52

Asadullaev Iskandar Kurbanovich

Doctor of Philosophy

member of the International Hegel Society.

734064, Tadzhikistan, g. Dushanbe, ul. Nusratullo Makhsum, 73/2 kv. 52
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Аннотация: In that previous article, emptiness (space) was considered as a state of substance within which other substances are transformed – matter and field. In turn, matter and field form from the emptiness (energy). In the present paper, we consider matter and field (the micro world, macro world and mega world) as existence in our world. Non-existence in our world is existence in another world, for example, “dark matter and dark energy.” This means that, possibly, the “exhalation” of black holes is a transition of existence and certainty of our light Universe into non-existence in the form of non-participation. However, this non-existence is a form of existence of “dark matter and dark energy” which do not participate in the processes of “light matter.” There is a “window” of interaction in the form of gravitation between light matter and dark matter. However, it is possible that there is another “window” – the transformation of the matter-field of the light Universe into non-existence, that is, the existence of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter is a state of non-participation with light matter – that is, with our light Universe. And vice-versa. The existence of “dark matter and dark energy,” which are non-existence in our world, transform into existence in our light universe by birth of a matter-field of emptiness. This means that through the “exhalation” of black holes there is a permanent shrinking of the density of light matter, which at the same time increases the emergence of light matters/ matter-field in the center of the galaxy or through other means. We hope that this can be observed in light matter – that is, in our Universe. The mass and energy of our light universe are both growing and shrinking simultaneously. We hope that this can be observed through scientific observation. To be a phenomenon within this Universe means to be in unity with its distinctness – as manifestation and part of its distinctness. Every thing in this world is in interaction with other things, and in contact and out of contact. This is the general participation all things with each other – in the processes of one another. Distinctness of this world in all its unlimited diverse manifestations, is only in this way, not any other way, another distinctness may be nothingness, the non-existence this world. The unity of this distinctness consist in that every thing, every object of this world may come into contact with any other thing.

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black holes, categories, participation, nonparticipation, “dark matter”, emptiness, substance, existence, nonexistence, galaxy, matter