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Modern Education
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Software for information resource center under the academic lyceums and professional colleges / Программное обеспечение для информационных ресурсные центры под академик лицеев и профессиональными колледжами

Исломова Хилола Эшхоновна

Первая категория инженер-программист, филиал “Биллинг Телеком” АК «Узбектелеком»

12345, Узбекистан, г. Ташкент, ул. А. Кадирий, 85

Islomova Khilola Eshkhonovna

Engineering Programmer of First Category, branch of “Billing Telecom” “Uztetelecom”

12345, Uzbekistan, g. Tashkent, ul. A. Kadirii, 85, kv. 2



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Аннотация: В статьи рассмотрены проблемы создания и использования электронных ресурсов открытых электронных библиотек. Особое внимание уделяется вопросам повыщения квалификации сотрудников информационно библиотечных учреждений. В статьи рассмотрены проблемы создания сводного электронного каталога информационно библиотечных учреждений и пути их решения. В статьи рассмотрены проблемы создания сводного электронного каталога информационно библиотечных учреждений и пути их решения. Приведены методика редактирования библиографических записей. Приведена некоторые ошибки при формирования база данных электронного каталога. На современном этапе развития общества наблюдается тенденция создания информационно-библиотечных корпораций и консорциумов, выраженная в образовании единой библиотечно-информационной структуры, в которой на современном организационном, техническом и технологическом уровнях взаимодействуют библиотеки учебных заведений различной ведом ственной принадлежности. Активная работа по автоматизации библиотечно-библиографических процессов в библиотеках учебных заведений региона, расширение видового состава фондов библиотек делает актуальной проблему построения единого корпоративного каталога. Цель исследования заключается в методическом, организационном и образовательном обосновании проблем формирования модели системы корпоративной каталогизации библиотек академических лицеев и колледжей.В результате внедрения предложенной концептуальной модели корпоративного электронного каталога будет уменьшена трудоемкость содержательной и технической обработки документации в библиотеках и повышено качество электронного каталога, библиографического обслуживания.

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Сводный электронный каталог, Библиографических записей, База данных, MARC-форматы, Корпоративная сеть, КARMAT-U система, Электронный ресурс, Библиографическое описание, Информационно-ресурсный центр, Электронная библиотека

Abstract: This article examines the issues of creation and application of electronic resources of the open academic libraries. Special attention is given to the questions of advanced training of the employees of the information library facilities. The author observes the problems of creation of central electronic catalogue of the information library facilities and ways of their solution. The article underlines certain mistakes made in formation of the database of electronic catalogue. At the present stage of social development is noticed the tendency of establishment of the information library corporations and consortiums, reflected in formation of a unified library information structure, in terms of which at the modern organizational, technical and technological levels cooperate the libraries of facilities of the diverse departmental affiliation. Active work aimed at automation of the library-bibliographic processes in the regional academic libraries alongside the expansion of the content of the library funds actualizes the formation of the unified corporate catalogue. The goal of this work lies in the methodological, organizational and educational substantiation of the problems of establishment of the model of systemic corporate catalogization of the libraries under academic lyceums and colleges. The implementation of the proposed conceptual model of the corporate electronic catalogue will result in decrease the labor coefficient of the informative and technical processing of documentation in the libraries, as well as increase in the quality of electronic catalogue and bibliographic service.


Central electronic catalogue, bibliographic records, Database, MARC-formats, Corporate network, KARMAT-U system, Electronic resource, Bibliographic description, Information Resource Center, Electronic library


Many academic lyceums and professional colleges have been provided with magnificent buildings in our republic. There also have been given all chances for young generation to improve their knowledge. There is known that every recipient of the institution has opportunity to use informational resource center (IRC). Majority of institutions have been supported with computers and other necessary equipment. But are IRCs which have been furnished with computers, have global and local network and working with Internet, servicing according to the present day’s requirements? It doesn’t mean that IRCs are in mode with just only being equipped modern computers, using Ziyonet portal or even have chance to give the internet services. The main reason is, as we know, there are loaded a number of quests to the IRC in the Republic Uzbekistan’s law “About function of Informational Library”. Including [1]:

• In accordance with the educational institution in accordance with the specialization of scientific and educational content, information and library fund education and ensure its safety;

• electronic forms and electronic catalog of the library;

• a person spiritually rich and harmonious growth of the creative possibilities for themselves and their long-term use of library and information resources on the basis of the historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan, users will enjoy;

• provides information and the use of library resources;

• cooperate with other information and library facilities;

• take part in the formation of a consolidated electronic catalog.

Information resource centers to perform the tasks they must be provided with appropriate software and technical means [2]. Here we have information resource center of the main information about a software tool designed to automate the process of working with. Corporate Information Resource Center of the automated system(Karmat-U) four automated jobs (AJ) Cataloguer, librarian and administrator AJ [4].

In Cataloguer AJ two primary functions: IRC fund documents bibliographic description of the elements of the system into the electronic database, users will be registered in the system, that is, through the appropriate username and password for each user's personal electronic cabinet opens [5]. In AJ registered in the system for each reader to personal e-mail the office opens. Here IRC, read and handed back to the library, but you can still see the list of books were handed back to. An electronic stock type IRC EC database to take the necessary literature search and give them orders, orders may be received and the implementation of information. At the same time, with a link to the full-text access to bibliographic description.

Librarian AJ librarians reported on the status of implementation of the orders. Ordering publications. Ordered to return the material received by the user. IRC "debt" will have information about the users. You can view a list of books in the hands of users. In addition, the librarian AJ IRC relevant statistical information (most read a lot of books, the IRC's Diary: the reader of science in the fields of information on a specific period of time, read books) can be seen. Adminstrator AJ based database management, facilities and user registration, password and login, and bibliographic records to export, import, such as a series of operations designed to carry.

KARMAT is one of the unique aspects of the program, he placed only one arm activity to network, but the network, using a few of the IRC automated (Figure 1). His academic high schools and colleges at the ILC, this feature will be the creation of the electronic catalog.


What is the electronic catalog? Set of electronic catalog electronic catalogs, information and resource center of its stock on the basis of retrospective conversion electronic directory database [3]. Academic lyceums and professional colleges under the IRC, the electronic catalog creation, he was registered by the system, each user can see a list of all the information and resource centers, the full text of cases linked to the bibliographic description of the system, an electronic library mode, the user at any time to read the electronic version of the book. Or in other words, the electronic catalog full launch, ARM fund can be fully informed of all the literature on the network. This is a form of corporate electronic catalog. Bibliographic records exchange is carried out through ISO standard 27-09 .

Special training courses, and the creation of a data base of outward methods taught. This, in turn cataloging based on the document type bibliographic description of the standard catalog. Methodological center will be established at the Institute. The formation is the electronic catalog’s methodic central control, and ensure the effective functioning of outward. At the same time, outward Methodological Centre is open to non-member institutions and organizations. Methodological center located in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and which belong to the network, regardless of all the information and resource centers, information centers and libraries to cooperate with the library. Methodological center creates mutually beneficial and, based on voluntary agreements with partner organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, and information on the activities of the library has been operating in compliance with applicable standards.

Main part

Each IRC, IBC and library catalog of e-working. The internal network documents Check the contents of the working directory of the bibliographic records. Our electronic working catalog are checked for correctness. Bibliographic records have been transferred to our electronic catalogs and tested here, is planning to launch a service to readers.

IRC model of the electronic catalog

Information Resource Center karma He said the implementation of the program users (readers) provides the following possibilities:

• Sales and use;

• manuals, training manuals, training material the use of e-directory;

• Full-text databases;

• E-catalog orders remotely using literature search;

• Other training facilities IRC EC;

• educational institution in the IRC literature I had read other educational institution IRC from EC search and order. Mixed-U program will help to reduce the librarians are also a number of difficult work:

  • Ongoing bibliographic records in the database through the use of EC development faster and reduce the cost of cataloging;
  • Basic information processing (data collection, storage, search, signal processing, and users) through the implementation of various statistical data automatically by a computer program that facilitates the creation of librarians work;
  • Provides an opportunity to create an electronic library;
  • Academic literature by the EC and the formation of a full-text database of culture and improve the quality of service. Mixed-U program in educational institutions under the IRC, IRC staff for the program to work with 36-hour special course has been developed. Secondary vocational education system, personnel training and re-training institute established a special course in the academic lyceums and professional colleges under IRC managers and leading specialists. To date, more than 100 of the IRC leader and a leading expert completing the course, karma, he took his free arm to install the program.

Secondary vocational education system, personnel training and training under the IRC Information Resource Center at the initiative of the President Isoxodjaeva Nadira Opa Republic secondary vocational education system for the electronic catalog and began to create a full-text database. IRC automated system, more than 5,500 are directly related to the education system of the Institute of textbooks, teaching aids and other educational literature, electronic catalog and full-text databases available. This arm on the basis of secondary special education system, all of which serve to create an automated library system available. Thus, the academic lyceums and professional colleges under the Information Resource Center mixed-U program, IRC, electronic data base, the academic literature provides an opportunity to create an electronic library. This, in turn, provide educational information, readers will improve the quality of service and culture.


1. Academic lyceums and professional colleges under the information and resource centers for software as a mixed-It is recommended that you select the program. This program is the introduction of higher ILC at its Internet address of the Republic

2. Institutions under the IRC and IRC secondary vocational education system maintenance work with the same automated library system of electronic bibliographic resources and to create a single information space.

3. The secondary vocational education system, personnel training and training under IRC National Institute of secondary vocational education system to create an electronic library, electronic fund formation on the marshes, the center should be established.

4. Methodological center of the electronic catalog, electronic resources through the creation of coordination to reduce costs and at the same time to create an electronic library via IRC culture and enhance the quality of service.

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