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Egorova M.A. A Person in a Multicultural Society: the Problem of Self-identification

Опубликовано в журнале "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" в № 1 за 2015 год в рубрике "Sociology" на страницах 52-64.

Аннотация: The subject of this research is the review of the process of self-identification that happens on the background of the forming of a multicultural society with all its diversity, and at the same time with specific problems that are inherent for such type of a social construct. An analysis is conducted on the changes of human identity in the multicultural societies, and the attitude of an individual towards the surrounding multicultural world. The article examines the multiculturalism as a blueprint of a social structure in various countries of the world, especially in the countries of Western Europe and the European Union, where the character of multiculturalism is most evident. The author attempts to trace the cooperation of various groups in the framework of multicultural societies within other regions of the world such as Asia (an accent is made on China and Taiwan) and Europe. A conclusion is made on the need to search for a complex approach on the integration of not only groups, but work with separate individuals as well (on the level of schools, institutes, centers for studying the language and culture of the accepting community, etc.).

Ключевые слова: civilization, dialog, integration, conflict, globalization, identity, religion, culture, Nation, society

DOI: 10.7256/1339-3057.2015.1.14533

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