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Kostennikov, M.V., Kurakin, A.V. Corruption prevention in state administration and civil service system in the Russian Federation

Опубликовано в журнале "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" в № 1 за 2013 год в рубрике "Law" на страницах 49-60.

Аннотация: the article views legal and organizational issues in corruption prevention in state administration and civil service system. The article calls attention to how most of the organizational and administrative issues cause corruption growth in the civil service system. As of today, we have to acknowledge that the existing legislative measures are not sufficient to prevent corruption, and in anticorruption policy we can see domination of the political factor and political orientation. These issues hinder the implementation of all existing legislative means aimed at corruption prevention. The question of corruption prevention throughout the activities of public authorities and state administration has acquired a global and systemwide character. Corruption is an immediate threat to the national safety. It hinders democratic and civil society institutions to develop; the citizens to realize their constitutional rights in the sphere of education, public healthcare, social maintenance and property relations. Besides, corruption has a negative impact on the growth of economic and financial sector and all infrastructure of the Russian state. It is worth accentuating that corruption in the activities of public authorities and state administration contributes to the growth of organized crime, encourages the development of extremism and terrorism, threatens realization of national projects and harms all state and legal reforms which are currently being carried out in our country. The presence of all these and some other issues proves that designing of an administrative and legal mechanism of corruption prevention throughout the activities of civil servants and building of the institute of administrative justice is objectively necessary. As we can see from the experience in carrying out state and legal reforms, as well as from the practice of law enforcement activities in the sphere of corruption prevention, corruption arises in those spheres of public authorities and civil servants activities in which the status is not fully described and where there are no administrative procedures set to provide services to the citizens and legal entities. The experience of corruption revealing shows us that it arises in the spheres where civil servants realize organizational, executiveadministrative, control and supervising, jurisdictional and licensing powers. Which is why it is necessary, especially today, to improve administrative and legal regime of activities of civil authorities and administration.

Ключевые слова: corruption, prevention, fight, service, civil servant, administration, system, servant, prohibition, responsibility, control, threat.

DOI: 10.7256/1339-3057.2013.1.9381

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